TwentyFifth Tale was the lovely brainchild of Phuiyan; created at first as a passion project that is inspired by the beauty of the world around. Inspired by fascination of different shapes, colors and textures that make up the fabrics of our daily lives, the passion project take a major step further from toying with ideas of creating whimsical illustrations into creating stationery line.

We believe stationery should be more than just a tool in our daily lives, it also acts as the perfect canvas for expression and brings out the best of our own individuality, at the same time letting our creativity shines and share the love of art around us. 

Throughout the creative process of experimenting with various mediums and color palette to bring the illustrations to life, each illustrations are made with love with pure heart and soul. The vision of the brand is to create stationery that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional at same time. As the brand takes baby steps in growing up, the brand have also gained loyal following, especially those that share the same passion and appreciation in beautiful stationery.

Each piece of products have their own story to tell, each with their own charm and personality. It gives us an immense sense of pride and satisfaction upon witnessing the joy and fulfilment our products brings to our customers. This turns out to be the main driving force to strive forward and creating more products for our customers. 

We hope our illustration stationery could bring joy and magical touch to people’s daily lives, and in turn inspires more creativity and positivity.


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